For the uninitiated, it’s not so easy to navigate the world of health screening, as there are so many acronyms used to describe the health screening of dogs. And many people wonder exactly what these results mean.
Every family are waiting for the summer to spend the well-deserved holiday. But what can we do with the four-legged member(s) of the family? The answer is simple, spend your vacation with your pet!
You can hear many times that the early socialization is really important, but what does it mean? Why is it important in a puppy’s life? How does it affect the dog’s behavior as an adult? When does the socialization start?
A Lagotto has been a cherished dream of many people, because there are a lot of fantastic photos, videos and breed descriptions circulating on the internet, which based on they have already imagined the future with dogs, or they have just met a Lagotto in person who enchanted them with its behavior and appearance.