Lagotto puppy without pedigree?

A Lagotto has been a cherished dream of many people, because there are a lot of fantastic photos, videos and breed descriptions circulating on the internet, which based on they have already imagined the future with dogs, or they have just met a Lagotto in person who enchanted them with its behavior and appearance.

This is when we usually decide that we also need an Italian water dog. Then comes the art of searching for a puppy, when it becomes clear that it is not that simple. When hearing the price of a real purebred puppy, many people immediately say, “OK, I don’t need a pedigree”.

If I get 1€ every time when I hear “Oh, we would like just a family dog, we don’t need pedigree”, I would be a millionaire.

But are you sure that? You buy a mate, a family member for the next 15 years and if you really want a Lagotto who is a faithful representation of the breed in behavior and appearance and whose health is immaculate, stick to the pedigree.

Of course, it isn’t the piece of paper that will guarantee this, but the knowledge behind it. The pedigree not only your puppy’s birth certificate, but also proof of their origin and that their parents met the conditions for breeding and there are countless other things behind them that you wouldn’t even think of.


Why is it important for you, if you only want a family dog who is a Lagotto?

Ask yourself why you want Lagotto? Did their appearance and character catched you? Yes? So why would you buy from a place where you only get similar?

It doesn’t matter whether you have an Adidas or Adidos shoe, even though the difference is only one letter, their quality is incomparable. It’s the same with dogs, but here you commit yourself for 15 years and it really doesn’t matter what kind of companion the new member of your family will be. Once you’ve bought it, you can no longer replace it like your shoes when you realize that the puppy you brought home contains only traces of Lagotto, or is losing its fur, or is aggressive with the child.

Real breeders don’t just go to exhibitions, working competitions and/or do sports with their dogs for their own entertainment and for the great sound champion titles. This is how they assess how suitable a particular individual is for further breeding, whether there is something extra in it that allows us to preserve the true breed character of this wonderful breed.

Just because a dog has a pedigree doesn’t mean that it’s suitable for breeding. The task of the breeder is selection, so that only the most beautiful, healthiest and best-charactered dogs are brought into breeding.

Breeding isn’t an exact science or a mathematical equation where one plus one always equals two. Genetics are often unpredictable, but if you know the bloodlines and consciously choose breeding pairs, you can expect the birth of puppies that both the breeder and the future owner will be proud of.